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5 Reasons to grow tobacco from Seed

We all know about the dangers of smoking so this page is simply about a versatile plant and the benefits of growing it in your garden.

The tobacco plant is a member of the nicotiana family (tabacum). and can grow from a foot tall (30cm) to six feet tall (about 2 metres).

The Tobacco plant was originally native in South Africa but has been taken around the world and will now grow in almost any suitable temperate climate.

The Tobacco plant has been used for smoking and as a natural insecticide.

The first use has given it, its unfair reputation. It is the plant’s uses that have given tobacco a bad name and not the plant itself.

The plant looks great and on a hot summer evening it has a sweet and gentle smell.

The plants grow into a cone like shape with the leaves getting smaller as they get nearer to the top.

The top is covered in clusters of bell shaped flowers that give off their subtle evening fragrance.

The plant looks great in large patio pots and will frame a door or entrance beautifully.

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grow your own tobacco from seed

Grow tobacco from seed Reason 1.

1.Tobacco plants are easy to grow. This makes them easy for people new to the art of gardening. They have a great success rate and up to 80% should germinate if cared for. You can start them indoors by putting them in a seed tray or pot on a windowsill. Just simple care is needed and nature will take its course.

Grow tobacco from seed Reason 2.

They can be planted outside from April in a northern climate, and will grow rapidly when planted. They need only a little attention and are quite happy with sun and rain making them ideal for temperate climates.

Grow tobacco from seed Reason 3.

3. Tobacco is legal to grow in your garden. There are two main rules. You may not sell tobacco, but you may use it for your own personal use.
Some countries have restrictions on the amount you can grow. One pack of the seeds for sale here could produce 800 plants.
I allow eight plants to grow to maturity and that is enough for me for a year. You are legally entitled to grow enough for your own use.

Grow tobacco from seed Reason 4.

4. You don’t have to smoke the plant. You could argue there is no point in growing a crop to burn. Above all nicotiana is a great looking and decorative plant. People are usually interested and often surprised when they see them growing in the garden. The plant itself is not dangerous. The problem is caused by its uses.

Grow tobacco from seed Reason 5.

5. If you do want to smoke the plant it is surprisingly easy to cure and store. Many books, videos and websites show industrial drying systems but these are for commercial growers. For the hobby gardener a few days of sun and a warm storage place are all you need to get started to producing your own tobacco.

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In the New Year, I will be posting detailed help on how to grow the plant at the very same time as I grow my own.
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