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An Astronomical Christmas: How does the festival relate to the various celebrations from our past and how does it relate to Astronomy.
Astronomical Christmas

What is Wassail? The festival of Wassail is held at various dates just after Christmas but it originates from a pre Christian era.
What is a Wassail

Recipe for Wassail Cider: You've read the blogs now sample the cider.
Wassail Cider recipe

A year on: the effects of the Japanese Tsunami
Effects of the tsunami

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Eurozone and European Union - What's the difference?
Eurozone and European Union - Whats the difference?

How to predict the length of the Winter? There is some evidence for an old poem. If the winter weather fronts from the east dominate then colder and brighter days will be experienced in the UK.
Predicting the weather

The swine flu -What happened?
Swine flu jump

How Firefox started to remove the competition from Internet Explorer
Firefox 5 million squeeze

Keith Floyd RIP
Keith Floyd RIP



the FED gone Mad? thoughts on the 2009 financial crises but from 2009.  
The FED gone mad?

Blue badge Holder - Where can you park in Europe? Europe wide parking rules for blue badge holders
Where to park in Europe?

Management skills? Simple rules to a managment style:
Body language skills
Presentation Skills
Management Communication
Employment success skills

How to decide on a Business lifestyle?
Choose a Business lifestyle

Owning breeding and keeping Chickens
Weird Chicken facts
10 more Hen facts
A Rooster Diary

An Astronomical Christmas How does it relate to previous celebrations from the past.
Astonomical Christmas

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