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Blue Badge users – parking in Europe?

Do you have a Blue Badge?

disabled blue badge 

Are you intending to travel by car in Europe?

If the answer to these questions is YES, then read on!.

The Blue Badge is recognised in all European countries. When you display it on the dashboard, it allows you to make use of the same parking concessions that the country you are in allows its own citizens with disability.

The concessions differ from country to country, however. So it is important to know where, when and for how long you can park. And as important, when and where you can’t park. The downloadable leaflet explains the concessions for each individual country.

Using the Blue badge in 29 Countries (PDF 211k)

We suggest that you print out the information you need, and take it with you. Take a copy of the multilingual notice on pages 33-38 as well. When you park, put this next to your Blue Badge on the dashboard.

It tells the police and parking officers, in their own language, about your rights, and gives you the reassurance of knowing that you are within the law.

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