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What is Baking and how is bread made?

Baking means using a method of prolonged heat in cooking food. Most often baking occurs using an oven.

baking can also be used with hot ashes or hot stones as long as the method of heating is convection heating.

Convection ovens use moving air to increase heat and can also have fans to assist the movement of air.

The simplicity of these ovens played a large part in the development of Bread making, possibly the oldest form of cooked human food.

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Baking and bread from the big world sites:

First time Bread Recipe: Making bread comes down to three processes. First the yeast or sour dough is activated. Second the ingredients are mixed and allowed to rise and finally the loaf is baked. The recipe allows for a double rise that helps the yeast activate at its own speed and should be suitable for anyone wanting to make a sound loaf of bread. This method has been tested and works and like centuries of bread making before it is simple.
Simple bread Recipe from the big world

Naan Breads: These are the basis of the flat bread type of cooking. This recipe is probably one of the simplest and easiest flat bread recipes there is.
Naan Bread recipe

Apple Crumble: This is a really simple recipe that can be used for many fruits. This example is for apple crumble because of the ease of getting the fruits here and a personal favourite. However the recipe will work for most fruits, consider date and banana crumble for a new idea. Apple crumble is one of the simplest recipes for a hot dessert.
Apple crumble Recipe

Hot Date Pudding: The combination of syrup, dates and bananas makes a mouth watering and surprising result on the tongue. This recipe is enough for four people.
Hot Date Pudding

How to Make Lemon Drizzle Cake Recipe: Easy to make, and with its tangy lemon flavour which is complemented by the sweetness of sponge and the delicious crunch of the glaze.
Lemon drizzle cake

Make a Victoria Sponge Recipe: "Make a Classic Victoria Sponge". A cake originally made popular by Queen Victoria! A British classic! Very quick and easy to make, and a classic afternoon tea and slice of sponge moment. A sponge cake with jam - lovely.
Victoria Sponge Recipe





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