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How to make fresh cream: How do you make cream? The simple answer is that you can’t make cream. Don't give up there though, because making cream is actually very easy. It’s a good question, “how do I make cream”? It is just the wrong question to ask in this case. find out more from the big world recipes.
How to make cream

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How to make ice cream: When you are making ice cream either with or without an ice cream maker, the process is the same. A homemade ice cream recipe is made in two parts. The first is the cooking or mixing part, the second part is the freezing and ice crushing part that forms the texture of the food.
How to make ice cream

Cream Recipes from the big world sites:

How to make Creme Fraiche Recipe: Crème fraiche is the French cream that is rich tasting. Crème fraiche is cultured and unpasteurized an has a slightly lemon flavour. It can be used fresh on desserts and it can also be cooked as it will not curdle with heat.
How to make creme fraiche

Clotted Cream Recipe: There is no doubt clotted cream originated in South West England, but it is not clear whether clotted cream first originated in Devon or Cornwall. Clotted cream has become part of the legendary cream tea. This usually consists of a pot of Indian tea, scones, clotted cream and raspberry or strawberry jam.
How to make clotted cream

Baked Alaska Recipe: Probably the best known ice cream cake is Baked Alaska, or as it is known in French the wonderfully named Norwegian Omelette.
How to make Baked Alaska



ice cream cake: Can be made two ways either with layered ice cream or a mixture of ice cream biscuits and of course some cake. A cake made from ice cream is made by blending blocks or slabs of ice cream together and using the softer ice cream for the icing. The result makes a cake made entirely of ice cream.
Make an ice cream cake

How to make fresh cream: If you have seen fresh milk in a bottle or jar you will notice that after it has been standing for some time there’s a thick layer on the top of the milk.

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