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Apple Crumble: When the apples start falling from the trees in the autumn fall, a personal favourite for a lot of us is Apple Crumble. Apple sponge and apple crumble pudding are thought of as two of the best and simplest pudding recipes using apples.
Apple crumble Recipe

Hot Date Pudding: The combination of syrup, dates and bananas makes a mouth watering and surprising result on the tongue. This recipe is enough for four people.
Hot Date Pudding

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Pudding recipes from the big world sites:

Creme Brulee: Meaning Burnt Cream from the French it was originally invented (or burnt) at Trinity College, Cambridge. The translation and the definition of "creme brulee", really does mean "burning the cream."
Creme Brulee recipe

How to Make Lemon Drizzle Cake Recipe: This is a classic cake that was inspired by a Raymond Blanc interpretation of a British classic! Easy to make, it delights the taste buds with its tangy lemon flavour which is balanced by the sweetness of sponge and the delicious crunch of the glaze.
Lemon drizzle cake

Make a Victoria Sponge Recipe: "Make a Classic Victoria Sponge". A classic cake that was made popular by Queen Victoria! British classic! Easy to make, it fires up the taste buds with a flavour that's balanced by the light sponge and the amazing jam filling of your choice in the centre.
Victoria Sponge Recipe





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