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Dieting = eat less, move more?

9. Exercise by just moving more.
This may seem really obvious but understandably not everyone enjoys this. As the old saying goes, “Dieting = eat less, move more”.

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Before you sign up with that gym you have been meaning to join why not find out about the way exercise works with you and aids your diet plan.

More exercise can be done with simple changes to the way you live your life.

You don’t have to separate the exercise you do from your life unless you want to.

If you want to exercise regularly and enjoy the benefits then you won’t need to change anything.

You will be helping to aid your diet plan with ease.


An hour and a half of exercise is known to burn of fat and to help you with your diet.

An Amazing effect of exercise on your diet plan.

But there is an amazing side effect to exercise. If you do 90 minutes of exercise you will lose 160 calories or 19 grams of fat. That’s about a bag of crisps and that is actually not very much. This is not that much if you already have a busy life and finding an hour and a half each day may present you with some problems.

However during the 24 hours after you exercise you can burn 49 grams more by doing little else. Just your normal routine will be enough. That means that you will burn 2 and half times more than the original fat you lost directly after exercise. This effect will happen every time you do this so increasing your exercise rate will have an amazing effect on your diet and your health in general.

The amazing effect is not fully understood but by doing the exercise a chain of fat burning is started. The effect after exercise is only the beginning as the fat will continue to burn off for a further 24 hours with better results the longer you keep to the exercise routine.

Carbohydrates and fats are burnt off quickly in exercising but afterwards your body will use the excess fat you have stored because carbohydrates will take 22 hours to be replaced to normal levels in your body.

Keep active but don’t eat more.

If you don’t like to exercise you might like gardening but if that’s not an option, you could try walking by getting of the bus or tube a stop earlier. Don’t use the lift or the escalator when you can use the stairs. Try to make some routine jobs you do more physical. Doing these simple things can easily burn off 250 extra calories a day.

If like to exercise then this is definitely one for you.

10 scientifically proven ways to weight loss with diets and dieting.

You must use these tips with a calorie chart or counter and I would strongly recommend taking a look at the books featured below. If you want your diet to work you should also check your body mass index to give you an idea of what your correct weight should be.

When you have reached your ideal diet plan weight you can still use these tips because they will all be useful as a daily healthy eating and exercise plan.

They will ensure that all your effort will last into the future for a healthier life style diet.

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