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What are pH levels in soil: The soil you put your plants in is a living organism that if replenished properly will give both growth and protection to your plants.
What are ph levels

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How to test your soils PH: value with a pH meter or pH papers if you want to grow food well you should get an understanding of the amount of Acid or alkalinity your soil possesses.
test ph values

How to Dig for Victory: Tips from WW2 that still work great in a Garden. The dig for victory campaign encouraged people to grow their own food during wartime rationing. However many of the techniques used were and still are great ways of food growing
How to dig for victory

How to grow: garlic from sets? A really easy way to grow garlic in a small area.
Grow Garlic from sets

How to grow: onions  from Seed the cheapest way to get onions!
Grow onions from seed

How to grow: Fennel is really easy to grow and makes a fantastic flavouring
Grow Fennel from seed




Tobacco: Did you know its not that hard to grow your own tobacco?
5 reasons to grow tobacco from seed
Grow Tobacco from seed
tobacco seeds are tiny
Germinating tobacco

tobacco garden planting

Planting and growing tobacco in your garden

How to Grow Garlic: from Garlic Sets Easy job with little gardening knowledge required.

The Midwinter Solstice: The lord of the dance lyrics

Owning breeding and keeping Chickens: A growing group of pages about Keeping hens and roosters:
Weird Chicken facts
10 more Hen facts
A Rooster Diary

Chickens They want out! Video of chickens in the morning!


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