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Germinating and growing tobacco seeds

Help with growing tobacco 

If you want to start your Nicotiana Tabacum seeds before the last of the frosts and to be on the safe side not before early April then it is best to plant them under glass or on a bright window sill.

The germination time will be anywhere from 3 – 10 days and the tiny plants are hard to see when they first raise from the soil.

One ounce of tobacco seeds contains approximately 300,000 seeds, and of these a good variety contains approximately 98% that will germinate.

The main problem is in sowing this fine seed sparsely enough.

In the photo the seeds have nearly all grown like mustard and cress seeds and if left in this state will smoother each other and many will die.

To get round this problem I leave the seedlings to decide because the stronger ones will dominate and although you will loose a few this way you can be reasonably sure the ones left will be stronger and healthier.

Of course all gardening is improved with experience and different methods will work for different gardeners.

If you have a way of separating these tiny seeds then please add these to the tobacco discussion boards on this site.

The seeds can easily be germinated indoors by a window. Put some compost in a tray and make the compost damp but not waterlogged.


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Tobacco seed germination time.

I find neutral compost works fine but tobacco is a very forgiving plant at the early stages of its growth.

If you wet your finger and dab it on some of the seeds they should stick long enough for you to spread them on the compost.

Rubbing your finger and thumb on the seeds should allow a fairly thin spread of them over the surface of the compost.

On top of this place a very fine layer of soil or sand as the tobacco seedlings will be vey small at first and vey close together and you want to give them every chance of success.

If you can get a water spray bottle this is an ideal way to keep the seeds damp without overwatering the soil.

I use old window cleaner sprays bottles as they work fine once cleaned out.

It is important to keep the soil damp but not waterlogged as this will encourage the seedlings growth the most.

At this stage just keep the seedling damp and on your window sill with a sprayer or small amounts of water.

Over watering will not do them any good so if you notice them wilting spray water over them but don't drown them.


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