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Meals high in proteins will help with your diet

5. High protein food keeps you filling full.
At any time there are millions of people on a diet but most of them will fail because they can’t stick to their diet plan.

  lose weight with a scientific diet plan 

A lot of problems are caused by the meals you eat not filling you up. Certain foods are much better than others in this respect.

Not feeling full causes hunger pangs that are caused by the stomach shrinking which releases the hormone Ghrelin in your brain telling you that you want more food.

There are ways that you can fool your brain into thinking you are full and one way is to eat more protein.

For a long time scientists have known that high protein foods like lean meat, eggs, beans and fish will keep you feeling fuller for longer but they have only recently have they found out why.

High Protein food as part of a diet plan.

The problem most dieters have is that they misreport the amount of calories they eat.

A breakfast diet plan experiment was carried out on three manual workers. All three breakfasts in the diet plan had the same number of calories and a similar type of ingredients.

One was 10% higher in carbohydrates, (foods like pasta bread and potatoes). Muesli and orange juice added in this case. One was 10% higher in fats (foods that are fried and in butter) in this case fatty bacon and a double cream smoothie.

The last meal was given more 10% protein and in this meal baked beans and lean ham were added.

All the breakfasts had the same calorie content and nearly the same ingredients. The higher protein meal caused the subject to feel full long after the other two subjects were hungry.

The reason for this is that when food travels through your digestive system it releases a hormone called PPY through the bloodstream.

When PYY reaches the brain it suppresses any hunger signals there so you feel full.

Scientists have found protein releases more of the PYY hormone than any other food leaving you feeling full for longer.

It really does work as part of your diet as long as you still count your calories.

10 scientifically proven ways to weight loss with diets and dieting.

You must use these tips with a calorie chart or counter and I would strongly recommend taking a look at the books featured below. If you want your diet to work you should also check your body mass index to give you an idea of what your correct weight should be.

When you have reached your ideal diet plan weight you can still use these tips because they will all be useful as a daily healthy eating and exercise plan.

They will ensure that all your effort will last into the future for a healthier life style diet.

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