How to find free music downloads

Did you know you can search, find and play almost any mp3, avi or mp4 for free?

copy, paste, search

You will need:
the title of the track you want to search for.


How to Find any MP3 or Media File on the Internet for Free

You can find many MP3 files because music files are often uploaded to users websites. Google is a very powerful search engine and can be used in so many ways other than from entering your search term and pressing enter.

Look at the code below: (this is all you need)

intitle:"index.of"(mp3|mp4|avi)wild.thing -html -htm -php -asp -cf -jsp

if you enter the above term into your search engine it will reveal all mp3, mp4 and avi versions with the title "wild thing"

You can copy and paste the above into google and try this if you like, but before you do lets examine what the code does phrase by phrase.


intitle: this word and colon tells the search engine that the title featured after the colon must contain the next phrase.


the next phrase in this case is "index.of" and this tells google to search the root pages of the webs. Almost all websites are made this way with the index of being the first directory.

intitle:"index.of"(mp3|mp4|avi)wild.thing -html -htm -php -asp -cf -jsp


() the brackets refer to files you want to find and are separated by a vertical line to denote more than one type. In this case we want mp3 mp4 avi files.
If you can't find the vertical line on your keyboard you can copy and paste it from here ======= | =======


wild.thing this is the track or title we are searching for here. You can put any title you like but be aware that a full stop (or period) is placed between each word. This period tells the search that the exact words are required in its search.

 -html -htm -php -asp -cf -jsp

 -html -htm -php -asp -cf -jsp next add the files you don't want to find. These are the extensions after the file name and they must be seperated by a space.
So in this case we don't want web pages we actually want mp3 mp4 or avi files.
-html -htm -php -asp -cf -jsp are all web page file extensions written to denote the language they were originally written in and note the files themselves.

Finally a definition about what you are doing.

By using this method you will be streaming music off of a video file from a web server. This is not illegal and not piracy. This is the same as watching or listening to streamed material from any site. An example would be where almost all content not available for download is streamed.

If you save the file then i think the situation changes but I cannot be sure of this. So I wont describe on this page how that can be done as I have only explained how to
find the files and not how to keep them.

And thats it - try it - experiment and look out for more google tricks later..

Copy and paste this code to try this
intitle:"index.of"(mp3|mp4|avi)wild.thing -html -htm -php -asp -cf -jsp

  Use the google search box here or above for best results

copy, paste, search

You will need:
the title of the track you want to search for.




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