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How to Make Pickled Walnuts Easy

Easy Recipes

green Walnuts
1 cup salt for every 6 cups water (for brine)

For the Spiced Vinegar
1 litre malt vinegar
500gm sugar
5gm cloves
5 gm allspice (all spice)
15gm grated fresh ginger
1400 ml liquor to cover 1.5kg nuts



Pickled Walnut Recipe

For the Brine: Boil the water and pour in the salt. Stir well to dissolve and cool before using. Wearing rubber gloves, prick the walnuts

all over with a thin skewer or metal knitting needle. Put them into a bowl and cover with brine.

Put a plate on top of the walnuts to keep them under the surface and leave 5-6 days in a cool place.

Drain, cover again with fresh brine and leave for another week. Drain well, spread on a tray and leave in a warm room or, better still

in the sun. Turn them occasionally and leave for 2-3 days or until they turn black.

For the spiced vinegar:

Crush the spices lightly to bruise them and tie them in a piece of cheesecloth and add to the vinegar.

Boil in a covered enamel or stainless steel pan for 10 minutes. Cool and remove the spices.

Pack walnuts in dry jars, then cover with spiced vinegar, seal at once and leave 7- 8 weeks before using.

If you have a Walnut tree, or access to one, you may produce this English recipe.

Green Walnuts (picked in June and July, before the shell has formed and can harden in the pickle are used here).

If you push a thin skewer or knitting needle into the nut, you will be able to feel when the nut is beginning to form.

Be sure to wear rubber gloves as walnuts stain badly.

Pickling spices:

Pickling spices and combinations are a personal choice and make for the most successful and enduring recipes.

Some times the best recipes are the simplest.

Some advice on your choice of jars:

Vinegar is an acid and will react with certain materials.

If you are not sure about the jar you are using leave some vinegar in the pickle jar over night to see if will take the pickling challenge.

Metal lids will go rusty with vinegar so place some plastic wrap between the jar and the lid when you seal them. Once pickled it will last about a year.

Make some pickled Vinegar preserves and let me know how you get on new recipes and videos wanted!

This is a simple method for making pickled walnuts.

It has worked pretty well so far as I'm still alive and still have a taste for these home pickles. let me know how you get on.

Experiment and enjoy!