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What is jam and how is it made?

Jam is really preserved fruits. Jams are often labelled as preserves, technically a preserve is whole or a chunked fruits, jam is a fruit pulp whilst jelly is where the fruit is in the form of the fruits juice.

Good condition fruit, preferably under ripe contains in its cell walls a natural setting agent called pectin and a percentage of acid.

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Jam Recipes from the big world sites:

Blackberry Jam Recipe: Add the lemon juice and lemon skin gratings to the blackberries in a large preserving pan and slowly bring to the boil gently stirring occasionally. When the fruit reaches boiling point turn it down so the fruit is simmering. You can stir it a bit more here so as to break up the fruit into a pulp. Next add your sugar stir it in and bring the jam back up to the boil to get its setting point. The sugar should be cooked in and dissolved completely before bring the mixture up to boil.
Blackberry jam recipe from the big world

What Jam Making Equipment do I Need: Although there is no need to buy any special equipment to start making jams and pickles getting some jam making equipment will certainly make the job easier. But if you just want to make a jar or two to try your jam making skills out you could use the tools you probably already have in your kitchen.
Jam making equipment





What are the pectin levels in fruit: Some fruits naturally have more or less pectin than others. For example, if you are making strawberry jam, you will need to use more pectin (of any kind) than if you are making blackberry jam, since blackberries naturally contain more pectin than strawberries. Generally speaking, the more ripe and wet the fruit is, the lower the pectin levels are. You can test for pectin levels and add or subtract by testing the jam while you are cooking it.
Pectin levels in fruit

Jam making tips: (in case it goes wrong) Although Jam making is quite easy to do there are some simple remedies and things to remember if your jam does go wrong during the cooking process This list contains most of the jam making problems you are likely to encounter.
Jam Making Tips and tricks


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