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Less choice is better for your diet plan

7. More choices are better right?
Wrong. Early humans needed to be able to consume the widest possible variety of foods to survive because our earliest hunter gatherer

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ancestors were essentially scavengers.

If they were able to eat the widest possible variety of foods available in the area then they had the best chance of survival.

Evolution made them this way and we still carry that instinct within us.

A box of chocolates will have a selection of flavours or a tube of sweets a selection of colours.

More meal options are helpful in some ways because by using a calorie chart you can choose the right balance of foods to help with your diet.

But this choice also has a detrimental effect on dieting as well. Imagine being faced with a buffet meal for example.

A finger buffet is full of alternative choices and we will all on average eat 30% more at one of these meals than if the meal is set.

Because our brains have evolved to look for choice in food we over indulge when there is more choice.

This is always going to be bad for a diet plan.

Dieting with restricted choice does not mean restricted tastes.

A set meal restricts our choice and the result is we eat less but are still able to feel full.

With the aid of a calorie counter chart your diet plan will be easier if you restrict your choice of food.

Remember you can still eat the sort of foods you like but you will aid your diet plan if you restrict your choice.

Find out the calorie value of your foods and keep to the lower calorie ones you like.

Removing choice from your diet will help to keep the diet plan you have set yourself.

10 scientifically proven ways to weight loss with diets and dieting.

You must use these tips with a calorie chart or counter and I would strongly recommend taking a look at the books featured below. If you want your diet to work you should also check your body mass index to give you an idea of what your correct weight should be.

When you have reached your ideal diet plan weight you can still use these tips because they will all be useful as a daily healthy eating and exercise plan.

They will ensure that all your effort will last into the future for a healthier life style diet.

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