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Metabolic Rate and Dieting

4. Don’t blame your metabolism.
You may have a higher or lower metabolic rate. A Basal metabolic rate (BMR), and the closely related resting metabolic rate (RMR), is the amount

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of daily energy expended while at rest in a neutrally temperate environment, in the post-absorptive state (meaning that the digestive system is inactive, which requires about twelve hours of fasting in humans).

Your metabolic rate will be a measure of how fast or slow your body uses the calorie intake you provide it.

When the body has used the available calorie intake it will start to use the bodies stored fat for energy.

However the problem is that 12 hour fasting is not a long term method of dieting for obvious reasons.

Be Honest about the amount of calories you consume daily when dieting.

The problem most dieters have is that they misreport the amount of calories they eat.

If you want to lose weight you have to take HONEST and ACCURATE measurements of the amount of calories you intake. This is one of the most overlooked and problematic parts of a diet plan.

A subject who was dieting was given a video camera and a note book to record everything they eat accurately for a week. At the end of the week the subject was given a test to record the actual number of calories they had eaten and this was compared to the amounts they had recorded on the video diary and notebook that they had made.

The subject had ingested 43% more calories during the week than the subject had recorded in their notebook and video diary.

This had to with under estimating the portions eaten, giving the wrong calorific value to what was being eaten and sometimes just forgetting some of the foods we’ve eaten.

Beware of blaming your metabolic rate because it will work without your help. The important thing is to accurately measure the calorie intake and portion sizes yourself.

10 scientifically proven ways to weight loss with diets and dieting.

You must use these tips with a calorie chart or counter and I would strongly recommend taking a look at the books featured below. If you want your diet to work you should also check your body mass index to give you an idea of what your correct weight should be.

When you have reached your ideal diet plan weight you can still use these tips because they will all be useful as a daily healthy eating and exercise plan.

They will ensure that all your effort will last into the future for a healthier life style diet.

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