Microsoft office 2010 review

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Microsoft Office 2010 Christmas Gifts

Microsoft Office 2010 Review

Microsoft Office 2007 removed the old interface and introduced the Microsoft Ribbon instead. Although the new interface is a little confusing at first, it soon makes sense and makes jumping through the suite of Ofiice programs a breeze. If you are still using Office 2003 then this is probably the next important upgrade.

Tie a ribbon

The main change between Office 2010 and Office 2007 is that the Ribbon is now fully customisable. In 2007 you were stuck with the default layout and couldn't do anything about it. In 2010 it's as simple as right-clicking and selecting Customize Ribbon. You've then got a simple list of commands that you can add and create your own customised Ribbon

Microsoft Word 2010

Word is the application that's arguably finished. Nearly all computer users are aware of the basic word functions and have at some time used word or a very similar program.

Word 2010's new find function makes it much easier to locate a word or phrase in a document. The Find tool. This opens up a side-bar of results, giving you a short cutting of the surrounding text for each result. This makes it very quick to skip to the result that you want. It's also helpful that your search text is highlighted in the body, so any reference can quickly be spotted on the page.

One key new feature helps you recover documents when you accidentally clicked the No button when you were asked if you wanted to save them. This feature keeps the last The new MS Word has AutoSave for any document that hasn't been manually saved and given a filename. However, it only works after a document has been Auto Saved, which by default is every ten minutes. In other words, close a document down without saving before 10 minutes is up and your file's as good as gone forever.

Unsaved documents can be accessed by clicking the Recover Unsaved Documents button in the Recent files menu. With a faster AutoSave time set, this feature could well prove invaluable.

Microsoft Excel 2010

Many of the improvements to other Office programs have focussed either on more efficient working or more polished-looking content. There’s some of this in Excel 2010 too, but there are also interesting new number-crunching and data-analysis features. Probably the one we liked best was the Slicer.

This is a simple tool for quickly selecting and displaying information in a Pivot table. In our screenshot, for instance, we’ve used the Slicer to quickly home in on just two cells in a table of 442 cells: allowing us to make a direct and meaningful comparison in seconds.

With tools such as Slicer, Excel 2010 makes it easier to productively work with and analyse large amounts of data.

Usefully, Microsoft has also added a search function to Pivot tables, making it even easier to find a single variable. Another exciting new feature, for business users, is PowerPivot, a free download that allows you to import many millions of rows of data from sources as varied other Excel workbooks, web sources and SQL databases.

As with the rest of the suite, Excel 2010 has also been improved in order to make it easier to share and collaborate online. The web-based co-authoring tool allows you to collaborate on files that have been saved to Windows Live SkyDrive. And with the Accessibility Checker you can make sure that the files you create will be readable for as wide and audience as possible.

Microsoft has also added the equation tool (for showing mathematical equations) previously only available in Word 2007, to this version of Excel. Given that working with numbers is Excel’s primary function, it was odd not to have done this in the first place.

Microsoft Office 2010 software