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Quick Sausage Roll Recipes

Sausage roll Recipes

Yes, you have probably arrived here because you want some sausage rolls and although you have eaten them many times you can’t quite remember how to make sausage rolls.

A quick trawl through your recipe book will have revealed some sausage roll recipes to make the perfect sausage roll but it probably suggests making flaky or short crust pastry and involves using and mixing sausage meat.

Great, this is the way of sausage roll recipes and they can be gourmet creations, but it’s a time consuming method and not really suitable for a quick party recipe.

If you have limited time or energy left then you need a sausage roll recipe that's easy

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How to make sausage rolls easily.

If you want to make sausage rolls easily and quickly you could do worse than follow the sausage roll recipes below.

Buy some frozen puff or short crust pastry from the store.
Buy some sausages whatever ones you like to eat.
You will also need a little milk and something to brush it on.
The sausage roll recipes all contain the same ingredients

Flour a board and roll out your pastry into a long rectangle. The rectangle should be both long enough to contain the sausages and wide enough to envelope your sausages with a little left over to form a flap to seal the sausage roll in while it is cooking.

Line up the sausages and envelope the pastry around them.
Using a little milk on a brush you will be able to glue the pastry flap together and that will hold the sausage roll together when it is in the oven.

By now you have one long sausage roll, so its time to get your knife and cut the large sausage roll into sausage roll size pieces.

Take a sharp knife and cut one or two slits in the rolls to allow the air to circulate while they are in the oven.

Using the brush put a few strokes of milk on each of the small sausage rolls to give them that wonderful colour on the pictures you see of sausage roll recipes.

Put them on a lightly greased baking tray and place them in the oven for about a half an hour at 200 to 210 degrees.

The cooking times are variable but you will probably find the correct cooking times are already on the pastry packet so follow these if they are available.

Finally take them out of the oven and put them on a rack to cool. These sausage rolls can be frozen at this point and reheated once later on.

They always taste best when they are cold or straight from the oven though.

The sausage roll recipes can be made with either puff (flaky pastry) or short crust pastry. Both of these types can be purchased from a food store ready prepared.