Start to grow your own tobacco with these Nicotina tabacum Virginia seeds.

These seeds will produce as much tobacco as you can grow.

Simple to grow and quick to leaf these Nicotina tabacum Virginia seeds can be grown indoors in the winter ready for out door planting in April or may.

The seeds produce hardy plants that can grow to 2 metres tall and produce you as much tobacco as you can grow.

Expected Yield from 1000 seeds would be at least 300 plants

Please look on the website for full instructions in a step by step guide from opening the seeds to harvesting and curing.



Over 1000 Tobacco Seeds for £4.99

Tobacco Seeds

Approx 1000 seeds

Expected Germination time 2 weeks

Planting Outside April to May

Harvest July - October

Nicotiana Tabacum Virginia 

Price £4.99