Top Ten weird facts about chickens

How to keep hens and how not to

I keep 7 chickens, 1 roosters and 6 hens.

They are sociable birds and they live a sociable life with their own society and their own rules.

They communicate with each other and all most everything they do is in some way important to them.

Even though we have kept chickens for over 4,000 years we still know little about them

So here are the top 10 chicken facts for you to read:

10 ten weird chicken 

Hen keeping Fact 1:

Chicken are pretty fast. The chicken can travel up to 9 miles per hour when it wants to.

Hen keeping Fact 2:

The largest ever recorded chicken egg weighed nearly 12 ounces, and measured 12.25 inches around.

Chicken keeping Fact 3:

Chicken language has real meanings. The birds give different alarm calls depending on which type of predator is threatening them. The roosters make a call when they find food this attracts the hens. Hens and Roosters have over 20 different communication calls.

Hen keeping Fact 4:

There are more chickens on Earth than there are humans.

Hen keeping Fact 5:

Chickens can cross breed with turkeys. The result is called a 'Turkin'.

Hen keeping Fact 6:

There are four cities in the United States that have the word "chicken" in their name: Chicken, Alaska; Chicken Bristle, Illinois; Chicken Bristle, Kentucky; and Chicken Town, Pennsylvania.

Hen keeping Fact 7:

The greatest number of yolks ever found in a single chicken egg was nine!

Hen keeping Fact 8:

Chickens experience REM (rapid eye movement) sleep. (I wonder what they dream about)?

Chicken Fact 9:

The chicken is the closest living relative of the Tyrannosaurus - Rex.

Little Known Chicken Fact 10:

In Gainesville, Georgia, (the chicken capital of the world), a local ordinance makes it illegal to eat your chicken with a fork.


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