Simple UK TV guide for the internet Works in the UK and Abroad


BBC 1 Live     Watch BBC 1 Live with iplayer. 

BBC 2 Live     Watch BBC 2 Live with iplayer. 

BBC 3 Live     Watch BBC 3 Live with iplayer. 

BBC 4 Live     Watch BBC 4 Live with iplayer 

BBC News Live    link may change.

BBC TV Guide  Full guide and access to all iplayer programmes on BBC stations. Includes programmes that you have missed. (some programmes are not available to watch again) programmes are usually available for 7 days after they have been first shown on TV.



ITV 1 -2 - 4 Watch live via the itv player  

ITV TV Guide TV guide for ITV


TV Channel 4

Channel 4 watch 4od full guide and 40d player

BBC Radio

Radio 1 Live   Listen to Radio 1 with iplayer. 

Radio 2 Live  Listen to Radio 2 with iplayer.   

Radio 3 Live  Listen to Radio 3 with iplayer.

Radio 4 Live Listen to Radio 4 with iplayer.