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Champagne: How Dom Perignon Champagne is made.
The history of Champagne

Lower Normandy: The Cotentin Peninsula Normandy, France
The Cotentin in Normandy

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France Pensions: Just how does the French pension System work anyway?
The Current Retirement age in France

Barfleur: Barfleur the Medieval Port of the English Kings and Queens
The Port of Barfleur

Jaques Brel: The most famous songwriter you didn't know of.  
Jacques Brel

Creme Brulee recipe: Classic French Recipe originated in the UK
Crème brulee

Designer Hand Bags: French Chanel Bags that are fake
How to spot a fake Chanel

5 Top French Home owning tips:
5 top French house tips

Time lapse of MV Barfleur: round Brownsea Island in Poole Harbour.
Timelapse MV Barfleur Poole to Cherbourg




French House Prices: French House Prices begin to climb again (2011)
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How to make Creme Fraiche: french Recipe for making this style of Cream
creme fraiche recipe

French House prices Drop: French house prices could drop as much as 40 percent

Snail Farming: The only British snail farmer in France leaves the trade. It is dead!

4 tips for living in France: Some lighter tips for owning a home and living in France.


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