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How to Clean a Teapot: This is a simple method for cleaning your teapot.

Sometimes with the house cleaning, you have to clean out the teapot. Those bits of black that end up in my tea cups and aren't tea leaves are the clues that it's time for me to do something about it.

Reverting to microwaving a plastic jug full of water with a teabag in is just not a good enough solution. So it's time to clean the teapot and get those ceramics gleaming again.
How to clean a tea pot

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How to Dig for Victory: Dig for Victory was a Response to a Wartime Problem of Food Shortages. Throughout history one of the main reasons wars were lost was caused by lack of food. Sieges were used throughout history as a means of depriving the state of food until a surrender had been reached. In September 1939 at the start of World Second World the shipping that was importing this food supply was being attacked by enemy submarines.

Wartime dig for victory principles of eating seasonal food grown locally and organically have a message for us now. The information is still completely current and with the constant fears of food shortages, environmental issues and economic problems there is a new interest in these techniques of how to grow more of your own food.
How to dig for victory

How to clean a glass fire door for free: Cleaning a stove glass on a wood stove is an everyday job in the winter months. After the annual visit from your chimney sweep or your DIY chimney cleaning is over, the hearth is once again ready to give light and heat to your room.

A wood burning stove is a great way to banish winter from your home as it will warm, light and create a natural airway through your home. Using a wood burning stove does however require work each time it is used and probably the most frequent job you will do after cleaning the fireplace is cleaning the stove glass.
How to clean a fire door for free  

How to Spot a fake Chanel Bag: or How to spot a replica Chanel Bag. "Discount designer Chanel handbags anyone, How to know the difference"?

“The best things in life are free, the second best are expensive.” Said Coco Chanel, the original founder of The House of Chanel established in Paris in 1903.

Chanel handbags are arguably the best in the world. They command high prices which start from £1300 for the most basic bag, and can rise to tens of thousands of pounds depending on which model you are looking at: .
Spot a fake Chanel Bag

How to make an iPhone Tripod Mount: This tripod mount will work for almost any smart phone iPhone or iPod. This how to make design can be easily adapted to fit your device. The nut and bolt fit through the tripod block in place of the original screw supplied to provide a secure attachment to the tripod base. You will need: a phone cover, a metal L plate, nut, bolt and a couple of washers, 2 split pins, some tape and a drill.
Make an iphone tripod mount

How to String Onions: Onion stringing is a simple 2 step process that will keep your onion crop fresh and ready for use. You will need scissors, some string and onions with the stalks still on them. An onion line can be kept either in the kitchen or outdoors hung from a rafter in a shed. An onion line can also be hung in the kitchen can be a great space saver. You can string as many onions as you can grow. Stringing a line of onions is really easy honest!
How to string Onions

How to make a perfect cup of tea: This might sound to easy, but the understanding of tea and its medicinal properties are talked about but rarely understood. All tea comes from the camellia sinensis plant. If you are drinking something that did not come from this plant (chamomile, mint, tulsi, rooibos, etc) it is not tea. Tea has culinary and medicinal purposes with the bulb of the plant being the most used part.
Make the perfect tea




How to grow Onions from Seed: Onions can be grown and pulled fresh from the garden or out of your onion store almost all year round from just a couple of carefully-timed sowings. Onions are one of the most used kitchen vegetables in the world. If Growing onions is not on your grow list then read this carefully – the Japanese varieties have filled the June-July gap of the old days, and the close-spacing recommendation increases the yield.
Grow onions from seed

How to grow Fennel from Seed: Nigella Sativa - What is it? - Well, its used in cooking all over the world. The Black onion seed is from a plant you may already know as fennel.

Its Latin Name is Nigella Sativa and it is cultivated from Africa to Asia. Much priced for its seed (black Onion Seed). It has a distinct smell of aniseed and can be sometimes found wild on walks). It can also be grown in an outside garden in the Northern Hemisphere..
Fennel from seed

How to make a choice: Working through a big decision can give us a kind of tunnel vision, where we get so focused on the immediate consequences of the decision at hand that we don’t think about the eventual outcomes we expect or desire. Making a big decision doesn't need to be complicated though if you use some simple ways about how to make a choice that involve you more. Try thinking about the answer of what outcome you expect from the following questions:
How to make a choice

How to buy Champagne: A quick look at how to make a bottle of champagne is explained by telling the story of (“Come quickly I can taste the stars”) Dom Perignon. Champagne is a sparkling white wine grown and produced in North Eastern France in the Champagne Ardennes region – 130 miles north of Paris.

It takes its name from the area and if champagne is not produced in this region, it is not true champagne! The Romans first bought wine to France and planted vines in the Champagne area in the 5th century where production continued unchanged into the Middle Ages.
How to buy champagne

How to get UK TV from abroad: This page is a list of links to live UK TV. All the major channels are there and a live TV guide is also available. The BBC radio stations are also listed. If you look round the page you will find options on how to get TV abroad which although they are not all free they all work.
UK TV abroad


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