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How to make pickled eggs - easy recipe

Easy Recipes


This is a simple recipes for making pickled eggs.

This easy egg recipe will have you reaching for the pickle jar next time you remember the ones they used to have in the chip shop with proper malt vinegar.

Not to mention the classic Pint, pickled eggs Ideal for egg salad, pickled hard boiled eggs make a great accompaniment for any cold meat dish.

This pickled egg recipe has worked pretty well so far, so please try it. Probably the best pickled egg recipe ever!


How to make a pickled egg

Easy Pickled eggs ingredients

some eggs (a week old)
some vinegar

For spiced Vinegar
1 litre malt vinegar
a little salt
(you can use white if you prefer)
5gm cloves (optional)
15gm peppercorns (optional)

1. Put your eggs in a pan and bring to the boil slowly boiling for about 12 minutes or more.

You can add a table spoon of vinegar to the boil to help stop the eggs cracking and a little salt to help peel the eggs.

2. When they have finished boiling, cool and peel the shells from the eggs.

Put the eggs in the pickling jar and add the spices and vinegar and a little salt.

Leave for 2 weeks or more as the flavour improves with a bit more time.

That's it!

pickling spice ad

For the spiced vinegar.

Crush the spices lightly to bruise them, or leave them whole.

For me the traditional recipe has always been with just malt vinegar as I remember when they used to be in pubs, but try your own to taste.

The use of spices is not necessary in this recipe but adding your own flavours to the pickling mixture is part of the tradition of pickling.

If you have fresh eggs, or access to some, Don't use them yet.

Eggs are easier to peel if the shells are a bit harder as with older eggs. If you have your own hens leave them a week before pickling.

Shop eggs are fine for this and will already be slightly older.

Choosing Pickling spices.

Pickling spices and combinations are a personal choice and make for the most successful and enduring recipes. Some times the best recipes are the simplest. You could always try mine!

Some advice on your choice of jars.

Vinegar is an acid and will react with certain materials. If you are not sure about the jar you are using leave some vinegar in the pickle jar over night to see if will take the pickling challenge.

Metal lids will go rusty with vinegar so place some plastic wrap between the jar and the lid when you seal them.


More recipes - Experiment and enjoy!