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How to make and cook Oven Baked Jacket Potatoes recipe.

Jacket Potatoes are an easy, healthy and favourite food. A jacket potato with cheese or just a plain jacket potato with butter can be a meal in itself.

  jacket potato oven cooked 

Baked Potato stalls can still be found on many high streets. On a cold day A King Edward potato from a jacket potato oven can seem like the best way to enjoy or forget the weather.

You can quite easily cut into a potato at the top & put it in the oven for a really simple cooked nutritious dish.

How long to cook a jacket potato depends on how crispy you want the skins, but as a very general rule they take up to 2 hours in a potato oven. Jacket potatoes in a microwave are also a quick alternative.

Jacket potatoes are good for you and are naturally low in fat and high in carbohydrate, It's what you use as a topping that is the fattening part.


For the potato
Something well sized like a King Edward Potato.
Olive Oil.
Salt (crushed sea salt is good here).

For the filling
Any topping you'd like to try.

Preparing your Oven baked Jacket Potato

Wash the potatoes and dry them well with a cloth, the dryer the better.

Cut a cross in the top with a large knife and nick the skins a few times with a fork.

Put a few drops of olive oil over each one and rub it all over the skin. Its not necessary to put the oil on to thickly.

Finally, rub in some crushed salt – this will draw out the moisture from the skin and, together with the oil, provide more crunchiness.

This is how to make jacket potatoes crispy.

How long to cook the perfect oven baked jacket potato in the oven.

Put the potatoes on to the centre shelf of the oven 200 centigrade and let them bake for 1¾-2 hours, or until the skins are really crisp. When you are ready to serve, slit each potato in half lengthways and top with the butter and seasoning. You could also add a topping here and  put the potato back in the oven to brown it off.

Once your jacket potato is ready it is best to serve immediately. This is because once out of the potato oven they will lose their crispness quickly. The best jacket spuds are straight from the oven.

What is a potatoes nutrition value and are jacket potatoes fattening?

Potatoes are naturally low in fat, containing only 100 calories per medium potato. It's the fillings and toppings that you need to watch out for - not the potatoes.

The fibre in potatoes tend to give you that nice "full" feeling so you're less likely to overeat. There's no reason for anyone to cut potatoes out of their diet.

What most people don't realise is that they also provide substantial proportions of a whole range of important nutrients: Fibre, Vitamin C, potassium, Vitamin B1, B6, Niacin and Folate. A large jacket potato gives you more than half of the daily-recommended child requirement of Vitamin C.

Cooking a baked potato in a microwave.

If you want to cook your jacket potato in a microwave you can set it to 9 minutes on high and cook the jacket potatoes until tender. If you want to add cheese or butter to your jacket potatoe you can cut a slice through them and add a jacket potato topping as required. Then you just replace them in the microwave for 30 seconds on high and your done.

Other potato recipes and potato types used with oven baked potatos.

Fresh Potatoes We love them. So many variations: Potato soup, potato salad, potatoes and onion, oven roasted potatoes, cheesy potatoes, early potato, boiled new potatoes, Chips, Christmas potatoes, oven potatoes, salt potatoes .

They come in many types from the potato baker like a big king Edward jack potato to a fresh early Christmas Potato.
Not forgetting the desiree potato, or the white potato, oven baked jacket potatoes can go with all types of meals and all from one big tuba that is the potato.

Experiment and enjoy!

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