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How to Make Pickled Jalapenos easy

How to Pickle chilli

Pickling chillies is a great way to have that spicy pickled chilli taste all year round.

Using this simple chilli peppers recipe you will be preserving chillies in jars that if kept out of the light can keep for up to a year.

You can use red and green chilli peppers to pickle chilli, so if you see them on offer in your supermarket or if you grow your own chillies there is always a reason to get a few more.

Pickled Chillies are really becoming popular as a condiment and go well with fish and cold meats. They are also great as part of a party snack or buffet dish.

pickle chilli in jars


Ingredients and cooking method for pickling chillies :

Ingredients for pickling chillies
Fresh chillies (jalapenos or serranos)
1/2 cup of sugar.
1 cup water, White
3 cups vinegar clear or cider
(enough of the mix to fill your jars).

Garlic ,
3 whole peppercorns,
Bay leaf

1. Mix the white vinegar, sugar and water together and bring to the boil. When its boiled just leave it to simmer gently.

In the meantime you could sterilize the jars (you can put boiling water in them and leave for 15 minutes)  This is great for all pickled vegatables.

You can pickle peppers whole or you can split them as this allows the pickling solution to get to all of the chilli's.

You can remove the seeds if you like but its the membrane around the pepper seeds that contains the heat.

You can add any type of peppers the choice is yours, red and green peppers, jalapeno peppers in fact most pickled vegetables will work.


Preserving your chillies in a pickling jar :

2. Next pack the jar tight with the produce to prevent any floating peppers. (You can cut the peppers to fit and add colour to the final mix). Add your chopped garlic, bay dill or your choice of flavours at this time.

3. Fill up the jar to the first rim with the boiled vinegar solution and check there are no air bubbles by pushing a knife gently around the inside edge of the jar. 

You should clean the rim of the jar to remove any residue and you should do this as it will cause the jar seal to be air tight.

Kilner Jars are used with new seals but you can use almost any jar with a metal lid, just remember to make them airtight. Once completed they should last about a year.


Some advice on your choice of jars :

Vinegar is an acid and will react with certain materials. If you are not sure about the jar you are using leave some vinegar in the pickle jar over night to see if will take the pickling challenge.

Metal lids will go rusty with vinegar so place some plastic wrap between the jar and the lid when you seal them. Once pickled it will last about a year.

I find that jam jars provide a good container for pickled chillies. Jam jars especially the thicker glass varieties provide the right shape and size. look for a jam jar that has a wider top than a base as this makes it easier to get the pickles

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